Von Danikenism

                                                                                                      VD IS DEAD!!

VD, or Von Danikenism, is a clownish enterprise, thinly disguised as science, that spreads fictional claims about ancient aliens. The vaccine, the antidote against VD, is Carl Sagan.

Just as (VD) venereal disease, assaults the body, (VD) Von Danikenism, is a syphilis on the human brain, ravaging logic and common sense as its perpetrators try to convince scientifically ignorant and gullible people that pixies and leprechauns are extraterrestrials from another planet orbiting a distant star.

The good news is that VD is being rapidly extinguished by the discovery of direct evidence that has successfully passed through the most demanding skeptic filters in the world. It is hard data that verifies the scientifically rigorous model of ancient alienism developed by Carl Sagan in 1962 – years before plagiarist Erich von Daniken wrote Chariots of the Gods, the book that seeded VD around the globe.

VD television ratings are dropping like a rock as people tune out bullshit and turn on to Carl Sagan. VD drivel, boring to the point of being mind-numbing, is for losers, illiterates, conspiracy theorists, and the cognitively disadvantaged.

In contrast, the brilliantly conceived Sagan Model of ancient alienism is based on three basic assumptions that almost all space scientists agree with. They are:

  1. Extraterrestrials exist.

  2. Extraterrestrials are interstellar.

  3. Extraterrestrials are long-lived.

Together, these three cognates create an evolutionary imperative that the Milky Way Galaxy we reside in has been explored and colonized by non-human species. All that was needed to prove the Sagan Model was the discovery of an alien artifact that could hold up to independent scrutiny, something the VD crowd was never able to produce.

That evidence, the Sagan Signal, has been found, tested, and confirmed by the prestigious Center for Inquiry.

The only hurdle remaining is a comprehensive investigation by the SETI Institute, where a positive outcome is all but guaranteed.

VD proponents can’t compete, so they try to suppress. They hate me, they hate my book, The Sagan Conspiracy, and they hate my websites. Most of all, as pseudoscientific scumbags who profit by disseminating lies, they hate the truth.

They have been exposed, their arguments destroyed, and their so-called evidence wiped out. They have nothing to offer except more VD. My discovery of the Sagan Signal is generating panic within the von Daniken camp because it steals their thunder. The bottom line is that I found what they claim to be looking for, and they don’t like it. In fact, they are livid!

My advice to anyone watching and listening to the VD insanity: Do yourself and the world a favor, tune them out and help eradicate scientific ignorance.

Earth-based evidence of ET

From the beginning, the primary focus of SETI has been on the cosmos, with little or no attention paid to the possibility that an alien signal might be found on Earth.

One can argue that SETI’s failure to invest time or resources to the Earth-based Sagan Model of ancient alienism created a pseudoscience petri dish where the warped ideas of charlatans like Zecharia Sitchin and Erich von Daniken were free to incubate. Like a global pandemic, the junk science ancient alienism that you see on The History Channel and in the tabloids rapidly became a scourge on science and common sense.

Things got so bad that reasonable people evaluating VD garbage understandably concluded that no plausible evidence that extraterrestrials have been to Earth had been found or ever would be found – because they were never here. Period.

But reasonable people can be wrong.

The Sagan Signal is scientifically verifiable evidence of an extraterrestrial visitation to Earth. It is the only evidence that has survived extensive vetting by the global skeptic community. It is the only ancient alien evidence to be accepted for a formal investigation by the Center for Inquiry, where it was confirmed. CFI’s corroboration is the first time in its history that an extraordinary claim of any kind has been investigated - and not debunked.

No other ancient alien theorist has come remotely close to matching the vetting history of the Sagan Signal. While SETI officials take a hard look at evidence directly related to the Sagan Model, the evidence VD offers fails to rise to a level where it can be taken seriously by mainstream science. It’s dismissed as junk science and justifiably ignored.

There is the Sagan Signal, and there are VD claims: alien abductions, UFOs, crop circles, pixies being extraterrestrials, stone carvings, old pictographs, you name it. Put the Sagan Signal in one basket and VD in another, then keep the Sagan Signal and throw VD away. What’s left is overwhelming evidence that we are not alone and that we have been visited. Any way you look at it, the Sagan Signal stands out as a distinctly different breed of cat.

Deep into their investigation, Center for Inquiry staff came to this realization, and stated in writing: “now we see that your code is different.”

As important as it is to distinguish the Sagan Signal from (VD) Von Danikenism, it is equally important to quantify the differences between the Earth-based Sagan Signal and radio signals emanating from deep space.

The most obvious difference is that, at the present time, there are no radio signal candidates for SETI to test, while the Sagan Signal is on the table, waiting to be tested. Another is the cost of testing and the time required. Verifying a signal candidate from space can be a long, tedious, and spendy process. In contrast, we know from experience that testing the Sagan Signal can be done relatively quickly, with no specialized equipment. Essentially, all SETI needs to do is review and double-check the Center for Inquiry research and fill in whatever gaps may exist.

I think skeptics, SETI scientists, SETI enthusiasts, and even VD addicts can agree: the Sagan Signal is, by far, the most scientifically robust and promising Earth-based alien signal candidate ever found.

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