SETI: if you were ET, would you come here?

The cosmos is a cold and inhospitable place – and then there is the above, what Carl Sagan described as “a mote of dust suspended on a sunbeam.” As far as we know, our spectacularly beautiful planet is unique in the universe. Would ET want to come here? Of course! The question is: Has he? The Sagan Signal, tested and confirmed by the Center for Inquiry and reaffirmed by skeptics from all around the globe in numerous investigations, is direct and overwhelming evidence that he has.

The evidence, a code in the Old Testament, is now in the hands of the SETI Institute, with a request to CEO Bill Diamond to launch a rigorous investigation to determine if the Sagan Signal real, and, if it is, is it extraterrestrial in origin? After fifteen years of independent testing, capped by a three year long, two part investigation by the Center for Inquiry, everything points to one conclusion, that we are a visited planet.


Given its long and successful vetting history, verification of the Sagan Signal by the SETI Institute is all but certain.

According to its charter, SETI’s strategy of intercepting an alien signal is more expansive than just radio telescopes. It doesn’t rule out other possibilities. If aliens chose a different way, and a plausible non-electronic signal candidate is intercepted, then, of course, SETI would be interested in testing the data.

There is no possibility that the Sagan Signal will not be investigated by SETI. Next to four year olds, the most curious people in the world are scientists. Exploration and the need to test is in their DNA. Tell them not to go somewhere, and they go there, tell them not to investigate, and they investigate. They can’t help it, it’s who they are, and the world is a better place because of it.

Ten years ago I sent SETI Chief Investigator Paul Shuch and SETI scientist Paul Davies my claim and evidence. Both men were extremely cordial, expressed interest in my work, and forwarded my claim and evidence to higher-ups. In both cases I was told that there wasn’t enough interest in the Sagan Signal to trigger a formal investigation, but that doesn’t mean that a covert investigation didn’t happen. Frankly, I would be surprised, even shocked, if SETI didn’t clandestinely test the data and conclude that my claim is true.    

There is no question: SETI will test the sequences. The bigger question is whether SETI will be transparent.

Here’s my take: If SETI is able to debunk the Sagan Signal, I’m sure the world will be told. But if its investigation confirms my claim, and SETI follows post-detection protocols, I suspect that the world will never be told.

My concern is based on what noted SETI scientist, Dr. Paul Davies wrote about a confirmed alien signal in his book, The Eerie Silence:

“I personally believe the public does have a right to know, even if the news is bad – as soon as the situation is properly understood.” (Bold mine).

Had Dr. Davies ended his sentence with the word “bad,” I might be assured of SETI transparency. But he adds a caveat that allows for an unlimited amount of time during which SETI, knowing the Sagan Signal is real, will not announce it to the public as a historic discovery.

Davies, a member of the SETI Post-Detection Task Force, is clearly implying that signal identification and attribution aren’t enough. Before disseminating the news to the world that an alien signal has been received and confirmed, SETI and select government officials need to decode the signal and weigh the consequences, a process that could take an indefinite amount of time, possibly years.

Now for the bombshell: In the decoding process, SETI scientists will quickly learn, and probably already know: the Sagan Signal is indisputable physical evidence that Jesus Christ is an extraterrestrial, just as Carl Sagan believed.

Would the task force release this news to the world? I don’t think so!  

No existing platform that I am aware of can handle a paradigm shift of such momentous consequence, so I have created one. I call it Christatheism, a science-based iteration of unbelief that offers hope of immortality, not through the empty promises of institutional religions with their supernatural deities, but through the advanced technology of extraterrestrials.


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