Skeptic Challenge


In what seems like a heartbeat, a fifteen year-long chapter of public vetting of the Sagan Signal is coming to a close, and a new chapter, the investigation of the evidence by the SETI Institute, is beginning (See “SETI” tab on left).

When I began the vetting process, I was the solo climber in the above image, and Yosemite’s El Capitan was the skeptic community. I was faced with a daunting challenge, to say the least.

But as confirmative investigations accumulated and skeptics began running away from the evidence, things began changing, dramatically. Today, the above image of El Capitan symbolizes the Sagan Signal, and the lonely climber at the bottom? A symbol of skeptics facing what they see as an unfalsifiable claim.

When the Center for Inquiry investigation verified the Sagan Signal, skeptics around the world were stunned. They now conclude, quite understandably, that if the prestigious CFI can’t debunk my claim, the odds of them doing so are miniscule.

Unfortunately, the fifteen year vetting of the Sagan Signal has been characterized by a disturbing lack of transparency, from lower level skeptics all the way up to the Center for Inquiry. I examine this disturbing pattern in my “suppression” tab on the left.

In addition to forwarding my claim, evidence and related research to Bill Diamond, CEO of the SETI Institute for an independent investigation, I have launched a new website dedicated to the decoding of the Sagan Signal. It engages what I think is the most interesting question in the world: Is Jesus Christ an extraterrestrial? Go to:

A teaser: Carl Sagan is on record stating, very adamantly, that JC is an ET.

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