Donald L. Zygutis

* B.S., theology & education: Corban University

* Graduate studies: Western Seminary

* Featured Guest on numerous talk shows, including:

  Coast-To-Coast AM & Midnight In The Desert

* Don is the world’s foremost authority on The Sagan Model

   of ancient alienism.

* Discovered the first direct evidence of ancient aliens to be independently tested and confirmed by mainstream science.

*Don is an avowed atheist and independent thinker. His mentors have been Michael Shermer and the late Carl Sagan.


* Author: The Sagan Conspiracy (2016, Career Press)

* Launched the $5,000 Challenge To Skeptics

* Don is a decorated Vietnam War veteran.


* Developed the website:

Belief in the existence of eternal and transcendent deities is a gateway drug that inevitably results in ignorance, superstition, and tribalism. That said, there is a broad agreement among scientists, that, from an evolutionary perspective, it is a near mathematical certainty that there are extraterrestrial species who are so advanced that if we were to meet them they would appear as gods.

Under consideration in this website is my discovery of direct evidence in the Bible that I contend is proof that aliens exist and have been to Earth. After a ten month investigation, my alien bible code claim, solidly anchored in the seminal ancient alien research of Carl Sagan, has been verified in writing by the research division of the prestigious Center for Inquiry.

To any skeptic who still doubts that Earth is a visited planet, I have a challenge for you: Try accomplishing what the Center for Inquiry failed to do - debunk the Sagan Signal. If you succeed, you win $5,000 and become instantly famous. And, please, let your testing do your talking!

Don Zygutis


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