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     The search is over! The discovery that has evaded ancient alien theorists for more than half a century has finally been made. In 2018, direct evidence of ancient aliens was submitted to, and tested by, the Center For Inquiry (CFI)*, the largest and most influential skeptic organization on Earth, and one of the most aggressive and outspoken opponents of ancient alienism. Over a ten month period, CFI subjected the data to a rigorous and comprehensive investigation, its researchers driven to debunk what I claim is an alien encryption in the Old Testament.

     In a historic ruling, the Center For Inquiry freely and openly acknowledges, in writing, that the Sagan Signal is real!

     Results of the CFI study independently confirm what I and millions of other ancient alien believers have long known: We are a visited planet. For a full analysis of the CFI investigation, click the “CFI Invest” tab on the left.

     Putting this stunning development in historical context, over the past fifty years, the search for smoking gun evidence of ancient aliens that can survive critical analysis has been pursued by two competing teams. Everyone knows about the Von Däniken team, consisting of Erich Von Däniken, the men and women featured on The History Channel, and dozens of ancient alien theorists who maintain a strong presence on the web.

     Meanwhile, amidst all the ancient alien hoopla, working quietly behind the scenes has been the Sagan team.

     Carl Sagan articulated his belief in ancient aliens in a 1962 NASA funded scientific paper he wrote at Stanford University, titled: Direct Contact Between Galactic Civilizations by Relativistic Interstellar Spaceflight.


     Building on Sagan’s research, I discovered indisputable evidence, replicable and testable, that confirms that advanced extraterrestrials, the Apkallu, were on Earth in the Ancient Near East, interacting with humans.

     After the Great Flood, the Apkallu engaged the Sumerians, helping them build the first modern civilization. They next focused their attention on the Jews, leaving behind iron-clad evidence of their presence in the Old Testament: 46 triadic sequences scattered over 39 books written over an 800 year span of time. These sequences, unique in human literature, share a deep symmetry that effectively rules out random coincidence. This is the Sagan Signal, posted on the left “Sagan Signal” tab.

     To their credit, the Von Däniken team had previously advanced all the basic components of this historic discovery. They speculated that the Apkallu were ancient aliens, and they were right. They also speculated that the Bible might contain an alien code, and they were right about that as well.

     So why didn’t the Von Däniken team find the code?

     In my opinion, Erich Von Däniken and his protégés lost the race because they chose quantity over quality. Rather than selecting one or two of their most promising leads and drilling down deep, they favored a multitude of speculations. The Sagan team won by staying on a single path, working under the radar, and not resting until confirmable evidence was found, tested, and corroborated.

     This website has been created, not just to announce and inform, but to ask for your help. There are already powerful interests at work trying to suppress the CFI study. This is a discovery that needs to go viral, and I’m counting on millions of ancient alien believers around the world, people like you, to make it happen. Tell your friends, and post it everywhere you can on the web. Spread the word!

     Your belief in ancient aliens has been vindicated. Pop a cold one and celebrate! It hasn’t been easy. For decades, the ancient alien faithful have been confronted with an unending barrage of high level skepticism, often laced with cynicism and vitriol. In taunting tones, AA skeptics demanded hard evidence. Now that they have it, it’s the skeptics who are running scared!

     For those of us who have waited patiently for the discovery of empirical evidence that independently confirms ancient alienism, it’s been a long tough road, but, in the end:


           WE WON!!


     Where to from here?

     Popular ancient alien theorists are used to being chased and harassed by skeptics, whose mantra has been “Put up, or shut up!” Now the tables are turned. The CFI study is the fourth academic level analysis applied to the data, and all four have been conclusive. There is absolutely no question: The Sagan Signal is real, and it is an extraterrestrial product.

     As a result of this success, I spend a lot of my time chasing after ancient alien skeptics, asking them to engage the Sagan Signal in a transparent manner. Now it’s time for them to “Put up, or shut up!” Unfortunately, when confronted with an extraordinary claim they can’t debunk, I’ve found that skeptics, even the best of them, tend to be slippery little devils, definitely hard to pin down. The reason ancient alien skeptics are so elusive is obvious: They are terrified of generating serious research that further corroborates what they and their colleagues have been denying for sixty years. 

     During 2020 and beyond, I will be contacting hundreds of ancient alien skeptics and skeptic organizations, inviting (daring?) them to engage the data and release their results. A cash award of $5,000 will be given to the first skeptic, secular or religious, who can successfully debunk the Sagan Signal. If you are a skeptic, or know a skeptic, capable of conducting a serious cryptanalysis of the data, check out my “Challenge to Skeptics” tab on the left. All science-based research received, pro and con, will be posted on this site. This project will last through 2020. Should the Sagan Signal survive, as I expect it will, it will mark yet another milestone in a growing consensus that Carl Sagan was right: Direct contact between humans and ETI has occurred.


Donald L. Zygutis


*The Center For Inquiry includes: The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science, and the Independent Investigations Group.

Pardon our cyber-dust! This site is under re-construction: Changing the Newton Bible Code to the Sagan Signal.


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